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Fourni has not much to offer concerning sights, so you can disconnect the part of your brain that are interested in history. But if you, like me, are interested in old marble quarries, you will have as much as you wants of it at the pebble beach of Petrokopio south of Kambi beach. In one corner of the beach is an old marble quarry. The slope below the quarry - and the beach - are covered with marble stones and parts of columns and Ionic capitals, the largest column is just over 2 meters in diameter.

You can go on foot to Petrokopio if you like to walk, if not, you just rent a scooter, you can go by scooter almost all the way to the quarry.

Do you collect on pictures of Roman sarcophagi that have gone from grave to litterbin, you can take a photo of one on the main square in Fourni town. You really wonder how it got there, and why no one seems to care about it. Should it not be at a museum? The Sarcophagus Litterbin is just over 1 metre wide, 1 metre high, 2.40 meters in length and is decorated with reliefs. Next to the sarcophagus is a cafe where you can sit down and recover from your sarcophagus experience.

The Roman sarcophagus.

The Roman sarcophagus in Fourni village.

Marble stones at Petrokopio beach.

Marble stones at Petrokopio beach.

Tavernas on Fourni.

Fournis main attraction - if I may call it so - is to sit at a bar or tavern down in the harbor and enjoy the evening.

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