Kambi beach on Fourni

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Kambi, or Kampi, is the best beach on Fourni, and also, without competition, the island's most popular beach. The two-pieced beach is framed in a very attractive bay. The sand is mixed with pebbles, the water is clear and snorkel-friendly and there are plenty of shady tamarisk trees. There are pensions and some few tavernas.

In short, Kambi is a really good beach - in my opinion. The only downside is that it lies a bit outside Fourni town, it could have been a little closer, I think. It takes about 20 minutes to walk here from the village. You can also go by beach boat.

If you are going to walk to Kambi, have the large church on the hill above the village in view, to the left of the church you can see a windmill, from there 232 steps leads down to the beach. Going downhill is no problem, but uphill!

There is an easier way down, and it starts a bit further ahead from the steps.

Taverns in Kambi.

One of the taverns in Kambi.

Kambi beach.

Kambi beach.

Kambi beach. Fourni.

Kambi beach. There is plenty of shade from tamarisk trees on the beach.

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