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The beaches are quite good, but do not count to be taken aback when you see them. I'll be straightforward, there is just one really good beach, and it is Kambi beach not far from Fourni town. At least I think so. Almost all the beaches consist of pebbles, mixed with sand. Many of them lies far away (if one can speak of distances on this small island) from Fourni town, and to reach them you need to rent a scooter, or to hike if you feel like it.

How can I write in the text about Fourni that it is a child-friendly island if the beaches are not fantastic? It do not have so much to do with the beaches, it's more about the island, or about Fourni town if I should be precisely, because Fourni town is a bit like Pippi Longstocking's Villa Villekulla, and the village beach is often full of kids, and adults to for that matter.

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