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I might as well say it all at once: Do not go to Folegandros during peak season without booking a place to stay in advance. However, if you take a chance, I can almost promise that you have to sleep outside or to take the next ferry from the island. That's how bad it is. The reason is not that there are few hotels and pensions, quite the reverse, there are plenty to be such a small island. But still, there are not enough rooms during peak season. If you arrive during other times of the year, it is no problem to find good accommodation at reasonable prices.

Letters of rooms usually meets up all the ferries in the port. The prices are slightly above average, but it is possible to find cheap rooms too. The standard is generally higher than on similar islands, in Chora are several examples of hotels with exclusive - not to say luxurious - standard. Many who have not been to Folegandros usually ask where it is best stay: Chora or in the port of Karavostasi. The answer depends on what you want to be close to: the evening life in Chora, or the beaches in the port. I prefer to stay in Chora, which most do, but you are not stranded if you choose to stay in the port, the bus trip to Chora does not take many minutes. There are also hotels and pensions in Angali and Ano Meria.

If you want to book in advance, which most do nowadays, you find links to selected accommodation below. The links goes to which is the booking site that most people use.

Ampelos Resort. Folegandros.

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Ano Meria
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Miramare Hotel »
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Polikandia Hotel »

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Karavostasi (port)
Anemi Hotel »
Coral Apartments »
Vardia Bay Studios »

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