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Emporio & Kastelli in Santorini

Emborio, 12 kilometres south of Fira, is with its almost 1,950 inhabitants the largest village in Santorini and one of the few villages that are completely unaffected by tourism. Emborio is a living Greek village regardless of the season, here are several kafenións, schools, ordinary shops for the Greeks themselves, all the signs are in Greek and so on.


Genuine Emporio is the largest village on Santorini and is completely untouched by tourism.

Emporio is the largest village on Santorini. Spectacular Kastelli on the left in picture.


Unfortunately, few tourists know about Emporio, maybe it's because the village is located along the road to Perissa and Perivolos, and maybe a swim in the sea is more tempting than to visit Emporio.


In addition to Emporio being a tourist-free oasis, there are also several interesting sights here.

Here begin the narrow alleys that lead to Kastelli.


Besides that Emborio is a non-touristy oasis, there are a few interesting sights. In the narrow ancient alleys that lead up to the top of the village it is easy to get lost. Many of the buildings are in ruins, some are being renovated. In one of the alleys lies a small kafenion with fine furnishings where you can eat lunch or have something to drink. It is actually one of the cutest kafenións that I have seen, five tables outside and two inside.


Cafe, kafenión and taverna in the village of Emporio on Santorini.

Café and taverna in Emporio.

When you have reached the top of Emborio you come to Kastelli, a village in the village, which is accessed via two arched entrances, one entrance from each side. Inside the little Castelli, minimal alleys winds around ancient houses with beautiful steps that stir the imagination. How was life like when Kastelli was full of a bustling life?


The mighty fortress and village of Kastelli above Emporio.

Castelli above Emborio.


I know a little about what it was like to live in Kastelli because my friend Julia from Honeymoon Beach Hotel grew up in Kastelli. Julia has guided us around several times and told us about bygone times, and those were tough times. Julia lived with her mother, father and six sisters in a house by the Metamorfosi Sotiros church. (Picture of the church can be found further down.)


One of the entrances to Kastelli on Santorini.

Julia from Honeymoon Beach Hotel at one of the entrances to Kastelli.


Kastelli looks like a fortress, and that's exactly what Kastelli was.

Kastelli looks like a fortress, and that's exactly what Kastelli was.

Kastelli has in recent years attracted much attention of wealthy Greeks and tourists, many houses have been bought up and the new owners have started renovating the houses. A farmland extends below Kastelli. When you get tired of all the tourism, I can recommend a hike behind Kastelli and Emborio, just after a few metres you will believe that you are on a completely different island.


Genuine Greece can also be found on Santorini.

The rural quarters outside Kastelli.


Below Kastelli is a small picturesque village of which there are not many on Santorini.

View of the small farming community below Kastelli.


Narrow alleys in Kastelli above Emporio.

Narrow alleys in Kastelli above Emporio.

In addition to being a tourist-free oasis, Kastelli is also a paradise for photographers. You don't even have to think about what to photograph, just take pictures and look happy, all the pictures will turn out well, as the pictures below are good examples of. There are also several very beautiful and photogenic churches in Kastelli.


Kastelli in Emporio on Santorini.


Kastelli in Emporio on Santorini.


Kastelli in Emporio on Santorini.

Kastelli in Emporio on Santorini.


From the Metamorfosi Sotiros Church in Kastelli you have a nice view of Perissa beach.

Metamorfosi Sotiros Church in Kastelli. Perissa can be seen in the background.


The mighty Church of Christ in Kastelli in Emporio.

The mighty Church of Christ in Kastelli.


On the outskirts of Emborio lies the medieval castle of Goulas that was built as protection against pirates as early as the 15th century. The villagers poured scalding hot oil from the castle over the invaders. Unfortunately, this little sight has fallen into the state of disrepair. Further off Emborio, several windmills climbs up on a hill. They were partly destroyed by the earthquake in 1956 and is since then fallen into disuse. But they are beautiful and the view is naturally nice.


The old fortress Goulas Tower outside Emporio in Santorini.

The old fortress Goulas Tower outside Emporio.



Don't miss Perivolos beach when you visit Emporio and Kastelli on Santorini.

Don't miss Perivolos beach, which you can read about here »


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