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Getting around in Lefkada

Lefkada offers an incredibly beautiful scenery, especially along the west coast, around Nidri and in the area around the mountain villages on the central of the island where Lefkada's highest mountain is.


Lefkada certainly is a comparatively large island, but still small enough to travel around with a scooter. However, a car is preferable since it in some places is very mountainous. But if you are just going to explore the area around for example Nidri, it works just as good with a scooter as a car.


Lefkada is a very beautiful island offering fabulous views.

Lefkada is a very beautiful island offering fabulous views.


The advantage of a car is that you apart from exploring Lefkada can drive to the mainland. Why not take a trip to beautiful Parga? You have time to go back and forth on the same day (about 90 kilometres). If you drive early in the morning, you will also have time to visit the mythical River Styx east of Parga. If you are very adventurous you can drive all the way to the monasteries at Meteora, but then you have to stay overnight.

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The bus network is well-developed and there are service from Lefkada Town to almost the entire island. The main bus station is near the big marina in Lefkada Town. There is best bus service to Ligia, Nikiana, Nidri, Vasiliki and Karia.

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There are a large number of taxis in Lefkada Town and in the major tourist resorts.


In Nidri in Lefkada you can hire small boats and go around the archipelago on your own.

In Nidri you can hire small boats and go around the archipelago on your own.



There are small plastic motorboats for rent in for example Nidri if you want to see some of the archipelago on your own.


A large number of excursion boats starts out every morning from Nidri to for example the swimming paradise of Porto Katsiki, to Onassis' island of Skorpios and to the so-called submarine cave, or Blue Cave, on the neighbouring island of Meganisi. You can also go on day trips that include lunch and many stops for swimming.

One of the nicest excursion boats in Nidri is MS Christina. With this beautiful sailing boat (running on engine) you can for example go on a trip called Forgotten Islands. The excursion with MS Christina begins with a short stop at the Blue Cave on Meganisi, after that it is time for a swim close to an uninhabited island before the boat continues to the small island of Kastos (35 inhabitants) where it stops for about 45 minutes.


MS Christina in the port of Kalamos.

M/S Christina in the port of Kalamos.


After Kastos, the trip continues to Kalamos (200 inhabitants) where you can go for a swim before lunch (served on board the boat). After lunch, there is time to see a little of Kalamos. The last stop is off a small beach on Skorpios, it is the only part of Skorpios that is allowed to visit for outsiders. Here the boat stops for a short swim.


A day trip on your own to the picturesque island of Meganisi is highly recommended. Car ferries starts out from both Nidri and Vasiliki, the smartest is to go from Nidri, the passage takes only 25 minutes.

Meganisi is small, there are three small villages and several smaller beaches. You can go to Meganisi without your own vehicle, you have plenty of time to see both Spilia and Vathy in one day. But the easiest way is to bring a car or scooter on the ferry, then you can see the whole island before it's time to return to Lefkada.

You can also take a day trip to Kefalonia and Ithaka. Check the boat timetables closely so you do not get stranded on any of the islands.


Take the ferry to Meganisi from Nidri in Lefkada.

Take the ferry to Meganisi. You can see the whole island during a day.



Lefkada is good hiking island, So if you like to hike you will like Lefkada.

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