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Styx and the Gliki ravine

Styx and the Gliki ravine. Hades. Parga. Greece.

To get to the river you drive towards the little village Gliki, Styx runs right through the village so you cannot miss it. It is preferable to take the road on the right hand side of the village. After a few minutes you will reach a parking lot, park the car here, change to water proof shoes or sandals and put on some kind of bathing outfit. How far up the river you can go depends on the time of the year, we walked for about an hour before it got too deep and we had to give up. It does not get more any more beautiful than this.

You will not only get a dose of the spectacular nature, it is also horribly exciting. Cold water rush down the mountain pockets, the current can be so strong that you have to take several steps back, and sometimes you stumble down a hole or slide down the slippery stones. You have to hold on tight to your camera.

You can take a breather at one of the tavernas when you get back to the parking lot. If you do not want to go up the river, you at least have to dip your feet in the cool water. Do not let the icy coldness scare you, it will get warmer the further up you go.

It was in the river Styx (according to the legend) that the river goddess Thetis dipped her newborn baby Achilles to make him invulnerable. She held him around his heel, which did not touch the water and became his only vulnerability - therefore the expression Achilles' heel. In Greek mythology, Styx is also the name of one of the rivers in the underworld Hades. It is often described as the border between the kingdom of the living and the dead.

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