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Minoa in Amorgos

Minoa is one of the three ancient cities of Amorgos, the other two are Ancient Arkesini below Vroutisi and Asfondilitis in the mountains between Chora and Aegiali. None of the towns are inhabited today.


Minoa is located above Katapola in Amorgos.

Minoa is located above Katapola, under the red arrow.



Minoa is believed to have been inhabited between 1,000 BC and the year 400 AD. The town was located, or actually still is, in the hills above Katapola. You really understand why they built the town right here, from the top of the hill one had total control of everything that moved offshore and onshore.


The ancient city Minoa above Katapola in Amorgos.

The ancient city Minoa above Katapola.

There is not much to see of the old town, at least not for a layman. Most of it is in ruins. You even do not need to go into the excavation area, unless you are passionate about archaeology. Even so, I think Minoa is a must when you visit Amorgos, the views of Katapola and out over the sea are among the most impressive you can imagine.


View of Katapola from Minoa in Amorgos.

View of Katapola from Minoa. Express Skopelitis has just left the port.


Luckily there is a road up to Minoa so you do not have to trudge the steep uphill slope. The road up starts in Rachidi, which is a part of Katapola. The road continues to the small village of Lefkes where time has stood still.


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