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Maltezi and Plakes beaches in Amorgos

There are two beaches in Katapola, the one that lies below Eleni Rooms, and the one that lies between Katapola and Xilokeratidi. A much better option is Maltezi beach located in a bay after Xilokeratidi.


Walk to Maltezi beach in Amorgos.

On a hike to Maltezi beach. Katapola is visible in the background.



You get here by beach boat from Katapola, or on foot. It takes between 30-40 minutes to walk to Maltezi, depending on how often you stop, it's a very beautiful walk.

If you walk to Maltezi you start in Xilokeratidi (which is a part of Katapola), round the point of land after the cemetery and continue along the water until you come to a rock, walk up the rock and soon you see the beach below you.


Maltezi beach. Katapola. Amorgos.

Maltezi beach. You walk here in 30-40 minutes from Katapola, or take the beach boat.

After Maltezi beach, behind the hill, lies Plakes which is a very nice bathing-place with rocks. You can only go by beach boat to Plakes, well, you can walk over the hill, but it takes both time and effort.


The rocks at Plakes beach in Amorgos.

The rocks at Plakes beach.


There are no tavernas at Maltezi, or at Plakes. At Maltezi there is a cantina where you can buy drinks and simple dishes. Open only during high season. Sunbeds are available for rent during high season.


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