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Schinoussa is part of the Cyclades and is located between Naxos and Amorgos. Schinoussa belongs to - together with Koufonissia, Iraklia and Donoussa - an unofficial group of islands called the Small Cyclades. The area is about 8 km2. The island's highest mountain Vardies measuring 133 metres above sea level. Here live about 210 permanent inhabitants, many are working in agriculture and stock farming, and tourism of course.


Schinoussa is one of the most rural and genuine islands of the Cyclades.

Schinoussa is one of the most authentic islands of the Cyclades.


Schinoussa is an unspoiled and an incredibly rural island with a big heart which is visited by few tourists. The mass tourism has not yet reached Schinoussa, and it will never do. There is not much to do and almost nothing happens during a day. You have to amuse yourself: read books at a taverna, hike to remote beaches or to have a lazy time on the balcony.

Schinoussa is a perfect island for those who seek peace and quiet, and those who like places where tourism has not yet reached. Some people might therefore find Schinoussa as a stressful place, and others love the peaceful tranquillity and enjoy the silence.


Good restaurants and tavernas along the main street of Chora on Schinoussa.

Chora on Schinoussa is one of the most charming villages in the Cyclades.


Leave your watch at home if you are going here, you will have no use for it, the time has stood still here since long, it feels like you have travelled back in time.


In the port of Schinoussa in the Small Cyclades there is a beach, several tavernas and restaurants.

In the cute port there are several tavernas and a small beach.

There are only two villages on the island: Chora and Mesaria. Chora is a handy little village and it takes about 4 minutes to walk from beginning to end. The village is easy to fall in love with, here is an incredible charm that is impossible not to fall head over heels for. Car traffic is minimal, donkeys are still a common means of transport. Despite its small size, there is everything you need in form of hotels, shops, cafes and tavernas.


Cafes and bars in Chora on the island of Schinoussa in the Small Cyclades.

One of several cozy cafes in Chora.


Mesaria has about 20 inhabitants. Before you have time to say Kalimera you have passed the whole village. Unless you stop at one of the village's two tavernas. The port of Schinoussa is small and can not be counted as a village, but there are tavernas and a small beach.


Livadi is one of the best beaches on Schinoussa.

Livadi is one of the island's best beaches.


There are a large number of beaches to choose from. None of them are in the same class as the nice beaches on Iraklia, Donoussa and Koufonissi. And that is the best, since if they were in the same class, Schinoussa would not be the peaceful paradise island that it is today.

The most popular beaches are Livadia, Psili Ammos and Tsigouri. Other good beaches are Almiros and Lioliou, which is one of my favourites. Many think that Psili Ammos is the best beach, it takes about 30-40 minutes to walk there from Chora. Bring food and drinks if you are going to Psili Ammos, there is no taverna. You will most likely walk a lot when you are here, because there are no taxis, and buses are only available during high season.


Tsigouri is one of Schinoussas most popular beaches.

Tsigouri is one of the island's most popular beaches.


Most people go on Shanks's pony because the distances are so short. However, scooters can be hired during mid- and high season. If you like to go on simple hikes to secluded beaches, you will love Schinoussa. The landscape is flat, barren and beautiful.

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The easiest way to get to Schinoussa is to go by air to Santorini and continue by ferry to Naxos. The small ferry of Express Skopelitis ply the route Naxos, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonissiai and Amorgos six days a week during the summer months. Another option is to fly to Athens and go by ferry from Athens' port at Piraeus. Blue Star Ferries is top of the Greek shipping companies and they go to Schinoussa up to three times a week.


The nudist beach Psili Amos is located below the village of Mesaria on Schinoussa and can only be reached on foot.

Psili Amos beach is located below the village of Messaria and can only be reached on foot.


There are, as I said before, just two villages on the island. The little that happens on Schinoussa it happens in Chora, or Panagia which the real name on the village. It does not matter that there are few villages, because those who are, are so nice that one more had been superfluous.

The first time we came here, we got a hand drawn map of the island. 16 beaches were dawned on the map. We hiked to almost all the beaches, but it was unnecessary, since the best beaches are within walking distance from Chora.


The big attraction on Schinoussa is when a ferry or Express Skopelitis arrives.

The big attraction on Schinoussa is when a ferry arrives.


There are no historical sights on Schinoussa, no ruins, no marble quarry and no temple. Instead, the small everyday events act as attractions, like to walk down to the port when a ferry arrive and see if someone are leaving, or coming.

As on all small islands, Schinoussa also has a limited range of accommodations. If you travel here during the off-season, it is easy to find a place to stay, but during the summer you should definitely book in advance. There are pensions in Chora and at some of the beaches.


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