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It is easy to hike on Schinoussa and you barely even have to have a hiking map. It is really nice to aimless venture out into the barren beautiful landscape and let chance decide where you end up. We have walked on Schinoussa many times, and we have seen the whole island. Mostly we like the northern part of Schinoussa where you rarely meet other people.

The best hiking map of Schinoussa is published by the Greek cartographic company Terrain maps, also called Skai Maps. The scale is 1:25,000 and can be purchased on Schinoussa. The map describes the best hiking routes on the islands of the Small Cyclades: Donoussa, Iraklia, Schinoussa and Koufonissi.

I can also recommend the hiking book Amorgos, Naxos, Paros, Eastern and Northern Cyclades by Dieter Graf. The book describes many hikes in the area, including two hikes on Schinoussa. The book could possibly be available for purchase on Schinoussa, otherwise you will find it on larger islands, or buy it on internet.

Hiking to Mesaria. Schinoussa.

Hiking north. Mesaria is visible in the background.

Walk to Livadia beach.

On hike to Livadia beach.

Hiking on Schinoussa.

The landscape on Schinoussa is barren and hiking friendly.

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