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Mykali and Psili Amos 1 beach in Samos

Just east of Pythagorion lies the beaches of Mykali and Psili Amos 1, two beaches that differ completely from each other. The former attracts few visitors while the latter belongs to one of Samos' most popular beaches.

Mykali is Samos' second longest beach after Potokaki beach and it is located west of Pythagorion. The beach, that consist of pebbles, pebbles and even more pebbles, is really long and desolate. Here are only a few hotels, and a couple of tavernas. Little shade, but sun beds are available for rent. Mykali is perfect if you do not want to crowd with other tourists.


Mykali beach. Samos.

Mykali beach.



At the end of the beach there is a wetland called Aliki where there are a lot of resting migratory birds in spring. We have for example seen flamingos there. If you are interested in birds, you should go here in the spring while there still is water in the wetland.

Not far from Mykali we find the beach that sometimes is referred to as the best on the island, namely Psili Amos 1. The beach has many enthusiastic supporters, especially among families with children.


Psili Amos beach 1. Samos.

Psili Amos beach 1. In summer it may be quite crowded on the beach.

The reason why so many like Psili Amos 1 is that it is a sandy beach, and sandy beaches are uncommon on Samos, where pebble beaches dominate. The beach is extremely shallow, and as an adult you have to walk faaaar to be able to swim. Opposite you can see the coast of Turkey, but it is not possible to walk that far.

However, I think the beach is slightly overrated: there are too many people and the sun beds stands so closely together that you hardly can move. But if you do not care about such things, and like long sandy beaches, you've come to the right place.


Taverna Psili Amos. Samos.

Taverna Psili Amos to the left.



At the far right of the beach lies a good taverna where you easily can spend a few hours enjoying good food and imaginative views of Turkey. That it's so close? By the way, the taverna is also called Psili Amos.

Accommodation in Psili Amos 1

If you want to experience Psili Amos 1 without tourists, you can stay for a few nights. In the mornings and evenings here is calm and quiet and you have the beach almost to yourself.

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The extremely shallow and child friendly sandy beach of Psili Amos beach in Samos.

The extremely shallow and child friendly sandy beach of Psili Amos 1.


Distances from Psili Amos 1: Mykali 8 kilometres, Pythagorion 11 kilometres, Vathy 10 kilometres and Posidonio 13 kilometres.

Do not confuse Psili Amos 1 with Psili Amos 2 in northern Samos.


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