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Paros is one of Greece's most easily accessible islands despite the lack of an international airport. It is as easy to travel here independently as it is to go here on a package holiday, either by ferry or by domestic flights.

It is possible to go on a package holiday from many countries, check with a travel agency in your country. The airplane will come down on Santorini, from there you will continue by ferry and after about three hours you will arrive to Paros' port town at Parikia. It is also easy to fly to Mykonos and take a boat from there to Paros.

Most probably you will stay in Naoussa or Parakia.

If you are travelling independently to Paros, it is easiest to go by air to Santorini and then continue by ferry. In other words, exactly the same way as if you would go on a package holiday.

You can also fly to Athens and continue by ferry from Athens' port at Piraeus.

Port of Pounda. Paros.

The port of Pounda for the boats to Antiparos.

The port in Parakia.

The port in Parakia.

Paros has daily flight connections with Athens. The airport is located in the south of Paros, near the village of Aliki. A new airport, or a new runway really, opened in autumn 2016. Larger planes are going to be able to land at the new airport. It might mean that it will be possibly to go by international flights to Paros. Wondering what happens to the island then? Will Paros become a new Mykonos? The ones that are travelling will know.

Paros has one of the busiest ports throughout Greece and is one of the stops on the frequent route Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Ios-Santorini. The route operates several times daily in both directions. Greece's largest ferry company Blue Star Ferries has two ferries that runs this particular route, if you can, you should choose them. One advantage of Paros' busy port is that it is possible to change group of islands, which otherwise is not always easy.

There are three ports on Paros: Parikia, Pounda and Piso Livadi. But you do not have to worry to get off in the wrong port, all ferries call at Parikia. From Pounda, the boats runs to Antiparos (boats to Antiparos also runs from Parikia) and Piso Livadi's port is served by excursion boats.

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The airport on Paros.

The airport on Paros lies near the village of Aliki.

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