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Paros is a wonderful island to discover with your own transport, the roads are in good condition and traffic is minimal, with the exception of the distance between Parikia and Naoussa.

One of the advantages of Paros is that you literally can drive around the island
without having to turn back or to drive the same route twice. A tour around the island takes about a day, including a stop for lunch and a bathe. The island is relatively small and the distances are short so you are doing just fine with both scooter or car. If you stick to the coast, the landscape is flat and bike-friendly. Car, scooter and bicycle hire places are available in all major tourist resorts. Competition is cutthroat so it pays to ask around.

Paros has a well developed public transport
and it is possible to get around the whole island by bus. The buses shuttle during the summer season between Parikia and Naoussa, the small villages are served less often. The bus station in Parikia is to the right of the port if you stand with your nose towards land. The bus station in Naoussa lies at the "stream" before the main square. Current timetables are available at the bus stations.

The bath boat station in Naoussa.

The bath boat station in Naoussa.

Bath boat at Kolymbithres beach.

Bath boat at Kolymbithres beach. Naoussa is in the background.

Taxis are a cheap and comfortable way to travel
, just remember to strike a bargain before you jump into the taxi. Taxi stands are located in Parikia and Naoussa.

Many of the beaches in the north of Paros is served by beach boat, a nice way to start and end your day. As long as the weather permits, the boats are cancelled when it is to windy. You can go by beach boat to Kolymbithres, Monastiri and Lageri from Naoussa. And to Krios beach from Parikia.

You can go on a pleasant and memorable day trip to Mykonos and Delos by excursion boat. Delos lies just west of Mykonos and according to mythology, Apollo was born here. If you are the least bit interested in history and culture you should visit Delos. In addition you get a few hours in Mykonos Town, which is one of the most photogenic villages in the Greek archipelago. You can also go independently on a day trip to Antiparos and Naxos. If you are going by car ferry from Pounda to Antiparos you can bring your own car or scooter.

Antiparos by boat.

Go to Antiparos. You can catch the entire island in one day.

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