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Molyvos in Lesvos

Molyvos is located about 5 kilometres north of Petra. About half way to Molyvos (from Petra) is a viewpoint from where it is an incredibly beautiful view of the village. Almost like it is a decor. But it is not. Molyvos is one of the most beautiful villages I've been to. It is as beautiful from a distance as it is from the inside. An old castle from the 14th century stands at the top of the village. The castle really looks powerful and one wonder about its secrets.


The cozy little port of Molyvos in Lesvos, Greece.

The cozy little port of Molyvos.



View of Molyvos and Petra in Lesbos.

The bay where Molyvos is located. Petra is located behind the peninsula on the left.


The castle and the old part of Molyvos in Lesvos.

The castle and the old part of Molyvos.

Molyvos - or Mithimna, which is the ancient name and still in use - is Lesvos' most important tourist resort. Unlike most other big tourist resorts in Greece, it is not the beaches that are the main attraction, but instead it is the village itself with its unique architecture, cosy alleys and nice tavernas that attracts.


The beach in Molyvos in Lesvos.

The beach in Molyvos.


The pebble beach below the old olive oil factory is not by a long way as good as the beaches of Anaxos and Petra. The beach is long, narrow and quite shallow on its places. The pebbles are large and it can be difficult to get into the water without thongs. Many choose to use the sun beds above the beach where there is shade from tamarisk trees, some tavernas and a small swimming pool that may be used by the public. The old olive oil factory houses the Hotel Olive Press, the location belongs to the coolest one can imagine. East of Molyvos are two beaches: Eftalou and Anargyri.


The beach in Molyvos is rocky and swimming shoes are a must.

The beach is rocky and swimming shoes are a must.


As mentioned, the village is extremely attractive, the beautiful stone houses climb patiently through the cobbled streets and alleys up to the castle. It's easy to get lost in the meandering narrow alleys. The Turks occupied Molyvos for 200 years and it have left its marks, for example the many fountains from that time. Here are, of course, shops of all kinds, not least along the so-called market street where the tourist shops are far too many.


Alleys and shops in Molyvos Old Town in Lesvos.

Alleys in Molyvos Old Town.

The port below the village is perhaps the most cosy part of Molyvos. It's a living port with colourful fishing boats and it's a pleasure to watch the fishermen when they mend their nets and divide their catch. Here are also several tavernas with tables strategically placed along the quayside. Our favourites are Captain's Table and The Octopus. If you want to have a drink, then Mollys Bar is a good choice. The port is closed to motor traffic after 18:00.


The cozy fishing port below Molyvos in Lesvos.

The cozy fishing port below Molyvos.


Outside The Octopus Restaurant in Molyvos, there are often hanging arms from octopuses.

Outside The Octopus Restaurant in Molyvos, there are often hanging arms from octopuses.


One of many good restaurants in Molyvos on Lesbos.

One of the restaurants in Molyvos port.

Here are several cosy tavernas, bars and cafes, and the evenings are magical. Of course there are restaurants in the village itself as well, but we prefer to eat in the port. The excursion boat to Skala Sikaminias departs from here. It is 5 kilometers between Petra and Molyvos.



Sea Horse Hotel in Molyvos port in Lesvos, Greece.

Sea Horse Hotel in Molyvos port.



There are plenty of hotels and pensions in Molyvos. Some are pre-booked by package-holiday operators, but there is also good accommodation options for those travelling independently. We have stayed at the Sea Horse Hotel and we will certainly stay there again. Better location is hard to find. Book Sea Horse Hotel via the link below.

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