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To discover Kalymnos independently with a scooter or car is a great pleasure. The traffic is certainly busy, bordering to crazy, in and around Pothia, but in other parts of the island it is light. Some distances belongs to the most beautiful you can imagine. For example the distance between Massouri and Emporios, which is one of the most beautiful distances that I've driven; the road winds like fish hooks and the mountains above are rugged, high and majestic. Another just as beautiful distance is the one that goes from Arginonta to Vathy and Rina. Do not miss it. Another fantastic distance is the one that goes to Palionisos.

Cars and scooters are available for rent in the major tourist resorts
, like Myrties and Massouri, as well as Pothia. I can heartily recommend AVIS in Myrties where Swedish Katarina works. Katarina is extremely serious, and super friendly. AVIS rent out both scooters and cars, and also has a office in Massouri.

With the local bus you can get around almost the entire island. The buses starts out from Pothia and runs to Chora, Elies, Kantouni, Platys Gialos, Myrties, Massouri, Rina, Emporios and Vlichadia.

AVIS in Myrties.

AVIS in Myrties.

The road from Massouri to Emporios, via Arginonta.

Part of the beautiful road from Massouri to Emporios, via Arginonta.

Taxis are fairly cheap and a good alternative to the bus
. Taxis between Pothia and Myrties costs between 13-15 €. The taxi drivers on Kalymnos appears to be of a race apart than many other taxi drivers, they are so nice that you almost do not want to reach your destination. One of those nice taxi drivers is Georgos Koukouvas. You can reach him on the phone: 6945641778.

Boats to the neighbouring island of Telendos departs from Myrties from 08:00 until midnight. The voyage takes around 5 minutes and costs around € 2.

There are several excursion boats to choose from. The most popular excursion is the one that goes to the small island of Pserimos (80 inhabitants) between Kalymnos and Kos. Pserimos offers sun and sea. There are several tavernas. You can also go on a tour around the island and see the beautiful sunset.

If you are not able to, or want to, discover Kalymnos independently, you can go on a guided bus tour around the island. There are several companies that organize guided tours. Please ask the travel agencies for a tour that suits you.

Road to Palionisos.

Part of the beautiful road to Palionisos.

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