Massouri and Myrties on Kalymnos

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Myrties and Massouri are the two main tourist resorts on Kalymnos, and most of the tourists who travel to Kalymnos on a package holiday stays here. Well, actually almost all tourists stays here, no matter how they travel. The villages are joined together so it is hardly noticeable that there in fact are two villages.

It does not take many minutes to walk from one village to the other. However the distance is longer if you arrive by car or scooter, because it is a one-way system from Myrties to Massouri. You have to drive a big detour to Massouri. Fortunately it doesn't matter so much as the view of Telendos across the water is so beautiful. :-)

Both villages are dominated by hotels, pensions, tavernas, cafes, bars, souvenir shops, travel agencies and car and scooter rental shops. As in many other tourist resorts, but Myrties and Massouri obviously can not be compared with the tourist resorts on for example Kos and Rhodes. Although the villages in many ways are adapted for tourists, they do not perceived as touristy. In any case, that is what I think. I feel more that it is a low key tourism combined with a large dose of conviviality.

Massouri is the most developed of the two villages, most of the restaurants, shops and hotels are located here. Many of the tavernas in Massouri have wonderful views of Telendos, and a dinner with sunset is not completely wrong. Two of the better restaurants are Prego and Kokkinides. Both are, so to say, located at the wrong side of the road, but the food is delicious.

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Massouri and Myrties seen from Telendos.

Massouri and Myrties seen from Telendos.

The beach in Massouri..

The beach in Massouri.

The variety of accommodation is large in both Myrties and Massouri.
Which of the villages that are best to stay in is a matter of taste. Actually it does not matter because the villages are built together, and the view of Telendos is the same no matter where you are. Below are suggestions for popular hotels and pensions.

Hotel in Myrties
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Hotel in Massouri
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The beach in Myrties.

Another difference between the villages is that there is a kind of square in Massouri, and that Massouri is more climbing oriented than Myrties. But it is only in Myrties that Babis Snack bar is located. Babis Snack bar lies to the left of the jetty from where the boats to Telendos departs from. Babis bar is very popular among the readers of Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera), and has been so for many years. There is a pool to swim in if you would get tired of swimming in the salty sea.

The beach at Myrties (se picture above) is pebbly while the beach at Massouri consists of sand and pea-gravel. Massouri beach is the most tourist-friendly of the two. The water at both beaches are lovely, and the view of, you know what, is so unquestionably unforgettable.

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