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Many of the beaches on Iraklia is difficult to reach and there are few who take the trouble to look for them. Most are content with the short walk to Livadi beach, it is not only easiest to reach, it is also the island's best beach. During the high season there is a beach boat to the beaches of Alimia and Karvounolakos on the north of Iraklia.

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Iraklia's, and one of the Small Cyclades, best beach at Livadi lies about fifteen minutes walk from Agios Georgios. The beach is long, extended and shallow, one do not need to worry that it will be crowded, the water is clear and shifts from green to blue, in addition the sand is golden and fine-grained and that makes a perfect sandy beach.

No beach facilities, happily tamarisk trees gives shade. A taverna and a café is open during the high season. Above Livadi Beach are the remains of an old castle from the Hellenistic period.

Livadi beach. Iraklia.

Livadi beach.

Livadi. Iraklia.

Livadi beach seen from the road that goes from Agios Georgios.

The beach in the port of Iraklia.

If you do not like to walk, you can stop to swim and sunbathe in Agios Georgios, the beach is just as good as Livadi beach, though it is much smaller.

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