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Chora on Antiparos

Antiparos, or Chora as many say, is the only village on the island and it extends all the way from the port to Sunset beach. The village is flat and is dominated by the port and the Main Street. There is no beach in Chora itself, but there are plenty of beaches within walking distance. Agios Spiridonas, Psaraliki 1 and Psaraliki 2 are the beaches closest to Chora.


Chora on Antiparos in the Cyclades.

Here begins the pedestrian street in Chora.


The narrow pedestrian main street leads from the port through the village. Along the pedestrian street there are boutiques, souvenir shops, tavernas, fast food restaurants, cafes, bars and travel agencies. Main Street is the lifeblood of Antiparos, basically everyone on the island pass by the street sometime during the day, usually several times and during high season it can be quite crowded.


Main Street in Chora on Antiparos.

Main Street in Chora in one direction.


Main Street and Yannis Place in Chora on Antiparos.

Main Street in Chora in the other direction. Yiannis Place on the left.

Good tavernas and restaurants on Antiparos.

In the evenings, the cozy taverns on Main Street fill up.


The Italian restaurant Sale Rosso in Chora on Antiparos.

The Italian restaurant Sale Rosso on the main street.


There are many good fast food places in Chora on Antiparos where you can eat very good gyros and souvlaki

If, like me, you love gyros, you will like Chora a lot.


If you like shopping, you will find many shops in Chora on Antiparos.

If you like shopping, you will find many shops in Chora.

Chora's main attraction is Kastro at the main square that you will reach if you follow the main street. Kastro means fortress or castle, and is common in Greece, they were used as protection against pirates who terrorized most of the islands in Greece.


Kastro in Chora on Antiparos.

Kastro in Chora.


Most Kastros are in ruins nowadays, the best preserved in the Cyclades can be found on Kimolos, Folegandros and here on Antiparos. Antiparos' Kastro is in good condition and is still full of life, people still live in the beautiful houses. Narrow wooden steps leads to the houses from the courtyard, the outer walls of the houses served as protection and were part of the fortress.


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There is only one entrance to the Kastro, follow the signs at the square and you will find it. There is an information board at the entrance where you can read about the history of the Kastro. In the main square outside Kastro, there are several cafes and bars and it is a nice place to sit down and people watch.


The square of Chora on Antiparos.

The square in Chora.


Bars on the square in Chora.

One of the bars on the square.


The Doors Bar is one of the oldest bars on Antiparos.

The Doors Bar (to the left) is one of the oldest bars in Chora.

Greek everyday life in a cafe in Chora.

Café in Chora.


Fish and vegetable market in the port of Antiparos.

Fish and vegetable market in the port.


The architecture on Antiparos is typical Cycladic.

A very popular photo motive in Chora.


Chora on Antiparos seen from Pounda on Paros.

Chora on Antiparos seen from Pounda on Paros.

The port is small but bustling: ferries to and from Paros arrives and leaves, sailboats and fishing boats are crowding together, tourists and villagers mingles at the strategically situated tavernas with great views of Paros.


A cozy evening at a taverna in Chora.

A cozy evening at a taverna in Chora.


The port of Antiparos in the Cyclades.

The port of Antiparos early in the morning.


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Along the port promenade on Antiparos are many good hotels and pensions.

Along the port promenade are many hotels and pensions.



There are many accommodation options in Chora and the standard is high. In the past, you were met by room renters already on the boat over to Antiparos. That's no longer the case because pretty much everyone books in advance. My advice is to book a hotel before you arrive in Antiparos. Below are suggestions for good hotels and pensions in Chora.

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Agios Spiridonas, Psaraliki 1 and Psaraliki 2 are the beaches closest to Chora on Antiparos. Do not miss!

Don't miss the beaches near Chora,, which you can read about here »


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