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The island is small, the distances are short and the roads are few, there is almost no idea to rent a car or a scooter. The most common means of transport is to go on foot since most are within walking distance.

If you want to visit the beaches on the other side of the island, or maybe go to Paros, you can rent a car, scooter or bicycle down at the port. You will have time to see the whole island of Paros in one day if you want to.

The island's bus goes to the dripstone cave, and to the beaches on the northern side of Antiparos. The bus departs from the port and turns in Agios Georgios.

Taxi is not available.

Visit Paros for a day. The picture is from Naoussa.

Visit Paros for a day. The picture is from Naoussa.

On excursion with the boat Alexandros.

On excursion with the boat Alexandros.

If you want to experience some really good bathing-places
, you can go on a boat excursion around the island. There is surprisingly inviting waters and lovely bathing-places along the coast of Antiparos, and at some of the nearby small islands. The scenery is amazing in some places, the cliffs on the south side of the island makes one think of Santorini's dramatic coastline.

Alexandros, one of the excursion boats (there are other boats), departs early every morning from the port. If weather permits, I might add, it's not uncommon with cancelled boats, so do not hesitate if the weather is good.

Alexandros makes five stops for swimming: in caves, in clear blue coves and from rocks. Refreshments are served on board, lunch is served on one of the beaches. Lunch may consist of grilled fresh octopus, sea urchin, souvlaki and salad. Very tasty! If you are lucky, you might get the chance to help catching octopus during the trip, but it is best to let the crew take care of the sea urchins.

I really recommend a day trip with Alexandros and I promise it will be a day you'll never forget.

Swim and have a good lunch with Alexandros.

Swim and have a good lunch with Alexandros.

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