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It might be difficult to understand that the sea around Amorgos is called The Big Blue when you're sitting at a taverna on the waterfront reading a book. But when you get up into the mountains and look out over the blueberry blue sea you understand. The water that surrounds Amorgos is, if possible, the clearest throughout the Cyclades. Snorkels and masks are a must on the packing list.

The bathing-places with rocks are the main attraction on Amorgos, the beaches comes second. Amorgos is definitely no island for those who yearn for mile-long sandy beaches with sunbeds in long rows, water toys for hire and beach bars playing loud music. All this is missing on Amorgos, there are, for example, not a single sunbed for hire (except at Maltezi beach where a few sunbeds find their way in high season).

Note that the beaches in Katapola and Aegiali are described under the headline of Villages.

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