Agia Anna beach on Amorgos

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The beach paradise of Agia Anna lies about 3.5 kilometres below Chora. The distance between Chora and Agia Anna is one of the most beautiful I know. You will get butterflies in your stomach when you slowly drive down with a scooter - preferably with the engine switched off - the senses is revving, it is so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful.

The panorama of the sea and Amorgos mountainous and rugged coastline is, to say the least, astonishing. It feels almost magical when you look out over the coast and the sea is as smooth as a mirror, and you understand why Agia Anna was chosen as location for the film The Big Blue. The view of Agia Anna is one of the most attractive on the whole island.

Agia Anna consists of small strips of shore with pebbles, some small cliffs and a large projecting rock. What makes Agia Anna to a popular bathing place is primarily the rocks, rather than the strips of shore. And the legendary blue sea of course. If the sea is calm, which actually happens, I do not know of any better bathing place.

The water is crystal clear and there is much to see around the rocks, so do not forget snorkels and masks. Shade is limited and it becomes terribly hot on the head after a while. But the water is near and it is soon forgotten. Take a swim off the rocks and turn to gaze towards the mountains to the right and you see the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. A sight that can make anyone religious.

Agia Anna. Monastery.

Agia Anna. The monastery is located below the highest cliff.

Snorkelling at Agia Anna.

Snorkelling at Agia Anna.

Agia Anna. Rocks. Snorkeling. Amorgos

Agia Anna.

Agia Anna is accessible by a private vehicle or by bus which starts out from Chora. There is no taverna, but there is a small café at the parking lot that sells sandwiches and refreshments. The monastery is to the left, but is not visible in the picture.

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