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Megalo and Mikro Chorio in Agathonissi

Mikro Chorio is opposite Megalo Chorio and has about 10 inhabitants, the village is so tiny that if you blink you'll miss it. There are no facilities at all.


Mikro Chorio in Agathonissi.

Mikro Chorio.



Just outside the village is a small church called Agios Panteleimonos. On July 26 every year the saint of the church is celebrated with a big party that includes food and drinks, live music and of course dancing. Often it is The band from Agathonissi that stands for the music.


Church of Agios Panteleimonos in Mikro Chorio. Agathonissi.

Church of Agios Panteleimonos in Mikro Chorio. In the background you see Megalo Chorio.


If you are not lucky to be on Agathonissi on July 26, console yourself with the view from the church that is the same all year round. The view of Megalo Chorio and the beautiful bay below is magical. Buy some cheese and wine, it is an ideal place to have picnic.

Megalo Chorio lies a few hundred meters above Agios Georgios. The uphill slope is not to be trifled with, I promise. The village is home to nearly the entire island's population (165 people), in other words, a metropolis compared with its little sister Mikro Chorio. The name Megalo means "big" in Greek, and consequently does Micro means "small", but you probably already knew that. :-)


Megalo Chorio. Agathonissi.

Megalo Chorio is on the hill above the port. The picture is taken from Mikro Chorio.


Megalo Chorio is the "capital" of Agathonissi, here are post office, ATM, doctor and a school. Previously, there was a minimarket and two tavernas. They are unfortunately closed.


Megalo Chorio in Agathonissi island.

The main street in Megalo Chorio.


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