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Livadi on Serifos in Greece.

Serifos is a rather small island, 73 km2, making it the thirteenth largest island in the Cyclades, and about five times smaller than Naxos, which is the Cyclades largest island. The highest mountain Troulos measuring 583 meters above sea level.

Geographically lies Serifos in western Cyclades, the nearest neighbouring islands Sifnos and Kythnos. About 1.400 people are year-round residents, most residents have Livadi (600 inhabitants) and Chora (360 inhabitants). The main employment is fishing, agriculture and tourism.

Serifos do not get as many visitors as its neighbouring island Sifnos. It is a pity, because Serifos is similar to Sifnos and should attract more people.

The island has several nice beaches of different character; here is a landscape that literally cries out for to be walked on; people are curious and friendly and the calmness that you find on Sifnos do also exists on Serifos. In short, Serifos is an island who longs to be discovered and it is worth much more than to be just a name on the map.

The easiest way is to go by air to Athens and then continue by ferry from Piraeus. From Piraeus, there are ordinary ferries and fast catamarans that run each day during high season, slightly less during low and mid season. Another pretty decent option is to go by air to Santorini, from where there are ferries to Serifos two to four times a week depending on season.

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Agios Sostis. Serifos.

Agios Sostis is one of the child-friendly beaches on Serifos.

There are few roads in Serifos and the traffic is minimal, apart from the distance between Chora and Livadi. Distances are short and there is time to see the whole island by car or moped in one day. There are two companies where you can rent a car or a scooter, and both are located in Livadi. The petrol station is in Livadi.

The villages of Serifos are without exception a part of Serifos genuineness. Even the island's biggest tourist resort Livadi, has an evident every day Greek life. You can read about Chora and Livadi below. Other interesting villages worth seeing are Panagia, Ghalani and Kalitsos.

Livadi is a nice village and port which is very easy to fall for. It may not be the prettiest village in the Cyclades, but here is an inherent charm that can not pass anyone. Perhaps it is because the small-scale tourism is mixed with the islanders' every day life. Here's a closeness that immediately grabs you, a closeness not only to the nice people and nice beaches, but also a nearness to everything you could possibly need, including a long stretch of sandy beach with several tavernas. See picture of Livadi at the top of the page, and at the end of the page.

On the hill, to the left of the port, and behind the hill towards Livadaki (which grown together with Livadi) there are mainly hotels and pensions. In Livadaki there is also a beach.

Chora on Serifos.

Beautiful Chora on Serifos.

The waterfront promenade in Livadi. Chora is located above Livadi.

Chora is the administrative centre of Serifos, but far from its tourist centre. Here you see few signs of tourism, in Chora, the Greek every day life dominates. From the lower square, at the junction with tavernas and kafenións, there are several small alleys that lead into the village. Choose one of the alleys and make your way towards the top where the Kastro is located. On the top there are also some chapels and from here you have a dizzying view of Livadi bay. From the opposite side of the village, at the stately windmills, you get a nice view over the Chora.

Do not miss Kafenión Stou Stratou in the main square.

Serifos boasts a couple of really good beaches with beautiful sand and alluring water. Read about some of Serifos beaches belowe. Other beaches are Ghanem, Koutalas, Megalo Livadi, Lia and Agios Ioannis.

Psili Amos is most people's favourite beach on Serifos. Here the sand is finer and more golden than anywhere else on the island and the water is clearer. In right weather it is like a large swimming pool. For those who love sand there are sand dunes where you can have a lazy time with a good book. If you get tired on the sand, you can lie down on the rocks to the right. The tamarisk trees give shadow and there are two tavernas to choose from. Psili Amos is shallow and perfect for small children.

Livadiki beach. Serifos.

Livadiki beach close to Livadi.

Agios Sostis is the most beautifully situated beach on Serifos. The beach forms an isthmus with the sea on both sides, the bay embellished by the small monastery that gave the beach its name. The crystal clear water tinged with blue and green. A few tamarisk trees at the beginning of the beach afford much-needed shade. It is a perfect beach for families with children. Behind the monastery there are nice rocks which is nice to swim from and the water here are good for snorkelling. No taverna.

Serifos can not boast of many sights, not if we with sights mean historical sites and buildings. Instead, it is the pastoral atmosphere, the walking-friendly landscape, the prints from the mining industry and the unique Chora which may act as sights. However, there is a sight not to be missed and it is the monastery Moni Taxiarchon.

Most of the accommodations on Serifos are located in Livadi or in Livadaki. You'll find most of the options to the left of the port and behind the hill down towards Livadaki. We always stay at Coralli Apartments when we are on Serifos.

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Megalo Livadi. Serifos.

I can recommend a visit to the small village Megalo Livadi.

Livadi, Chora and Livadaki on Serifos.

View of Livadi and Livadi beach as seen from the Kastro in Chora. Behind the hill with the white houses on the right, is Livadaki.

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