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I hardly think anyone travels to Mykonos to hike, here are totally different pleasures that attracts. The landscape is not particularly inviting: it's flat and barren, and there are very few sights or interesting villages outside of Mykonos Town. The highest mountain Profitis Ilias Anomeritis is only 341 meters high. The well-known German hiker Dieter Graf has published many hiking books, but no one about Mykonos. It says something about how uninteresting Mykonos is out of a hiking point of view. Instead of hiking between high mountains and deep valleys you can walk between the beaches, or among the cosy alleys of Chora.

However there is a hiking map of Mykonos. It is published by the Greek cartographic company Terrain maps, also known as Skai Maps. The scale is 1:25 000 and the map can be purchased in Mykonos. The map can of course be used even if you do not hike, for example if you rent a car or scooter, or if you are going to find the right alleys in the Mykonos Town. The map also includes the neighbouring island of Delos.

Hiking in Mykonos.

The landscape is mediocre and not particularly hiking-friendly.

In Mykonos it is popular to walk along the beaches.

In Mykonos it is popular to walk along the beaches

Strolling around in the cozy alleys of Mykonos Town.

At least as popular is strolling around in the cozy alleys of Mykonos Town.

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