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Villages in Koufonissi

Chora is the only village on Koufonissi, it is quite small and built in a typical Cycladic architecture. The village is divided into two parts, the large and the small, and they are separated by the extremely nice port beach. The beach is a part of the port where small fishing boats are moored, some are so small and cute that they would qualify in a toy museum.


Swim in the port of Koufonissi.

The cute port, which is excellent for swimming.



The port beach is exceptionally good, no other port beach in Greece is as attractive as this one. The beach is so good that many choose to stay here instead of going to the other beaches: it is close to your accommodation, and it is close to tavernas and other facilities. The port beach is also the only "road" between the large and the small village. If you grow tired of the port beach, it is close to the beaches of Finikas and Fanos, and if you want to swim at the islands best beach Pori, you can take the bus, or walk.


The small village and the port beach in Koufonissi.

The small village and the port beach.


If you stand with your nose towards the sea, you have the small village to the left, and naturally enough the large village to the right. In the small village is several pensions, one small ouzeria, one taverna and one bar. Most facilities are in the large village: post office, ATM, travel agency, hotels and pensions, supermarkets, bakery, ouzeries, some bars and surprisingly many tavernas.

The beaches in Koufonissi port.

Chora at Koufonissi seen from "the small village".


The nightlife is quiet, there are a few music bars and one disco in Parianos that is open during high season, otherwise there is a poor selection of what is generally called "entertainments". You will probably spend the days on one of the beaches, in the evenings you sit down at any of the tavernas or ouzerias, and you will most probably be seated there until it's time to go home to bed.

There are plenty of tavernas. Given how few people that lives here you will immediately ask yourself: Why so many? The answer is that they are needed, all of them, during high season, the island is so filled with tourists that there is even a queue outside the tavernas. Along the main street there is a gyros place with delicious gyros.


Chora in Koufonissi at night.

Chora at night.


Some of my personal favourites is located along the main street, including Melissa right at the beginning of the main street. Marias ouzeria is a nice place if you want to drink an ouzo with mezé (simple side dishes). Marias ouzeria lies at the bay of Loutra, follow the main street until it ends and then go left. The sunset is fabulous from here. Next door is the fish taverna Captain Nikolas which has the same great view and great food.

If you want to go shopping, you won't get much out of Koufonissi, along the main street are a few souvenir shops and a few clothes shops.


Main street and restaurants in Koufonissi.

The main street in the "big" village.



Almost all of the island's hotels and pensions are in Chora. The selection is huge for such a small island, and the standard is surprisingly high. Where in Chora you choose to stay does not really matter because it's close to everything. We always stay at Glaros Rooms, a small pension in the small village. Below are tips on different sleeping accommodation.

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