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Finikas & Charakopou beach in Koufonissi

A few kilometres from Chora lies Charakopou beach which is the first of the many fantastic beaches on the south and the east coast. If you say that you are going to Charakopou, it is hardly anyone that will know what you are talking about.


Finikas Taverna. Koufonissi.

It is very close to the beach from Finikas Taverna.



Almost everyone calls the beach Finikas beach, and I do too. The name comes from Finikas Taverna which is located right on the beach. The taverna has always existed (or at least almost) and is something of an institution on Koufonissi.


Child friendly Finikas beach in Koufonissi.

View from Taverna Finikas.


The taverna looks the same today as when I came to Koufonissi the first time, almost twenty years ago. Then, Finikas Taverna was the last water hole, today there are more tavernas along the coast.

The taverna serves excellent food. When you are going to order you go into the kitchen and choose among the pots and pans. The hard part is to decide what to eat, there are plenty to choose from.


Finikas beach in Koufonissi is made for families with small children.

Finikas beach is made for families with small children.


The taverna is located just a few meters from the sea and the nice sandy beach. You get here on foot in about 15 minutes, if you do not have the energy you can also go by beach boat or by bus.


Finikas Beach and Finikas Taverna in Koufonissi.

Finikas Beach and Finikas Taverna. The beach is about 15 minutes walk from Chora.


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