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Sights in Koufonissi

There is no historical temples, no archaeological excavations, no museums, no monasteries, there is nothing that even comes close to the word sight. There is nothing to miss and you can completely let go of "that-and-that-we-have-to-see-before-we-leave-from-here".


Church in Chora on Koufonissi.

The church in Chora is quite worth seeing.



On Koufonissi you can relax, sleep late in the morning, go to the bakery and buy fresh bread, eat a long breakfast, sit back with a book, then you can start thinking about how the day should be handled. The only thing you need to ask yourself is: should I go to the beach or should I go to the beach? That an island have absolutely no sights is so unusual that it is a sight in itself.


Sunset in Koufonissi. Marias Ouzeria.

The sunset may well be considered as an attraction. This is from Marias Ouzeria in Chora.

If you are lucky you might be able to go to the uninhabited neighbouring island of Keros. Archaeologists have found more than a hundred so-called "Cycladic figurines" on Keros. That is more than what have been found anywhere else in the Cyclades. Among other things, the famous "Harp player from Keros" was found, archaeologists believe that it is from 2,800-3,000 BC, it can be seen at the Archaeological Museum in Athens.


Beaches in Koufonissi.

Koufonissi´s biggest attractions is of course the stunning beaches.


The beach in the picture is called Kalimera beach.


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