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Villages on Donoussa

There is only one bigger village and it is the port village of Stavros. In addition, there are two hamlets: Kalotaritissa and Mersini, both are so small that they can not be called villages.

Kalotaritissa in the northern parts of Donoussa consists of a few houses, there are no shops, but there is one taverna as well as three beaches. The village has a nice location, and the bus ride there offers beautiful views of the sea.


Taverna in Kalotaritissa in Donoussa.

Kalotaritissa is no bigger than this. But there is a taverna.



Mersini is even smaller than Kalotaritissa and is located between Stavros and Kalotaritissa. Despite the smallness of the village, there are two tavernas. The best of the two is Tzi Tzi and they serve so good food that many people go there in the evenings. Below Mersini lies the beautiful beach of Livadia.


Ouzeria To Kymi and Taverna Captain George in Stavros on Donoussa.

Ouzeria To Kymi and Taverna Captain George in Stavros.

Stavros is also small, it does not take many minutes to see the whole village. There are three tavernas, one cafe, one bakery, one souvlaki place, one souvenir shop, one minimarket offering a poor selection of goods, one travel agency and a dozen of pensions. That is all. Time seems to have stopped, nothing happens that did not happen the day before.


The village and beach of Stavros in Donoussa.



Stavros has, just like Chora on Koufonissi, a first-rate sandy port beach. The beach extends along the entire bay, it is an ideal beach for families with children: nice and soft sand, close to home and close to the tavernas. I think that the best taverna is Captain George. Ouzeria To Kymi in the port invites you to linger away a lot of time over a glass of wine and a good book.


The beach in Stavros port. Donoussa.

The beach and one part of Stavros.


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