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Vythisma beach in Alonissos

Vythisma lies south of Chora. It is Alonissos"official" nude beach. The beach is popular with nudists since it is a remote beach. The long - and quite wild - beach lies in a cove between the beaches of Marpounta and Megalos Mourtias.


Vythisma beach. Alonissos.

Vythisma beach from above.



Pine trees grow almost all the way down to the beach, the surroundings are very beautiful and the water is extremely inviting. The beach, which is composed of small pebbles, may be termed as so-so, but nudists like it a lot. If you like skinny-dipping, Vythisma is perfect.


Vythisma beach. Alonissos.

Vythisma beach early one morning in June. Skopelos in the background.


To get here, drive towards Marpounta, before you arrive at Marpounta you turn right on a dirt road. Soon you'll reach a small parking lot, park there and look for the path that leads down to the water, take a deep breath and begin your walk to the deep blue sea. There are no facilities whatsoever, so bring your own food and drinks.


Vythisma beach. Nudism. Alonissos.

Vythisma beach suits those who want to live like Robinson Crusoe.


It is said that a monk seal lives somewhere on the beach. I do not know if it is true or not. It is true that we have been there to look at it, from a distance of course, we wanted of course not interfere with it. But we dit not see the seal.


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