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More beaches in Alonissos

There are many more beaches than the ones I write about on this page. You can read about some of these beaches here.

Marpounta is something like a holiday camp, like all inclusive, about 2 kilometres south of Patitiri. There are two small pebbly beaches below the big hotel, one on each side of the point. If you are not a guest at the hotel, you are not welcome to the beaches. At least that is how I have experienced it.


Marpunta beach in Alonissos.

Marpunta beach.



Ghialia is a mediocre beach a few kilometres north of Chora. The beach looks nice from a distance but do not come up to expectations. A windmill stands at one end of the beach and it is used as a summer cottage. No facilities.


Megalos Mourtias beach. Alonissos.

Megalos Mourtias beach.


Megalos Mourtias is a pretty nice small pebbly beach with inviting water and several cosy tavernas a few kilometres below Chora. You get here by car or scooter from Chora, or on foot via the road that leads to Vithisma. Megalos Mourtias is very peaceful place and you will happily be seated for a long time at one of the tavernas.

Tsoukalia beach. Alonissos.

Tsoukalia beach.


Tsoukalia is quite a long pebbly beach with nice surroundings and lovely water. As at Ghialia beach, here is a windmill that is used as holiday house. No taverna but there is a cantina. Tsoukalia baech lies on the west coast. Drive towards Votsi to get here, before you arrive at Votsi you turn left.


Chrisi Milia beach. Alonissos.

Chrisi Milia beach.


Chrisi Milia about 5 kilometres northeast of Patitiri, is one of the island's few sandy beaches, and also one of the island's most popular beaches. Sun beds and umbrellas are available, and there is a taverna.


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