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Lethra beach in Tilos

Lethra beach is my personal favourite beach when it comes to swimming. Not just for the beach and the water, the surroundings and the beautiful hike to get there also play a important role.


The path to Lethra beach begins at Ilidi Rock Studios in Livadia in Tilos.

The path to Lethra beach begins at Ilidi Rock Studios in Livadia.


The hike to Lethra takes about 45 minutes and begins at Ilidi Rock Studios to the left of the port of Livadia (if you have the nose towards the sea). The path is easy to walk and runs along a slope in a stunning scenic landscape. You will surely stop for many times to take photos and to enjoy the view of the bay of Livadia and out to sea.


Ruths Rock ovanför Red beach.


About halfway you will pass "Ruth's Rock" where there is a stone with the inscription "She loved this place." Ruth died 50 years old in 1988, her husband placed the stone here in her memory. The stone are often surrounded by pebbles as passing tourists put there.


Red beach close to Lethra beach in Tilos.

Red beach and the donkey island Gaidaros.

After Ruth's Rock you will soon see Red beach down to the right. As the name says, the sand is reddish. Off Red beach is the uninhabited island Gaidaros which means "donkey island". After Red beach, the path turns left towards Lethra. Continue until you see a built cairn where the path forks, turn right and follow the narrow goat track down to Lethra. The path down is marked out with numerous of stone cairns.




Lethra beach with lonely tree in the middle.


The beach is long and narrow and is covered with pebbles, in some parts mixed with sand and gravel. There is only one tree that gives shade. Come early if you want to be under the solitary tree. At the far right are some caves that brings much needed shade.


Lethra beach och det ensamma trädet till vänster.


Tilos has no official nudist beach, but Lethra is as close as you can get, although just as many prefer to have clothes on. (Also Plaka is partly a nudist beach.) The nearest taverna is in Livadia so do not forget to bring food and drink.


Lethra beach in Tilos.

Lethra beach.


Lethra beach on Tilos in Greece.

Lethra beach 2006. Not much has happened over the years


If you do not want to walk the same route back, you can hike above the ravine that begins just above the beach. You will then arrive at the road that runs between Livadia and Megalo Chorio. From there it is a piece of cake to walk back to Livadia. We usually go the same way back to Livadia, but a few times we have gone via the stream gorge up to Mikro Chorio.


Hiking to Lethra beach and watching the sun rise is something not to be missed when travelling to Tilos.

The beautiful sunrise seen from Lethra beach.


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