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Kokkari in Samos

Kokkari or Pythagorion, that's the question? As long as I have worked with Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera), there has been a dispute about which of the villages that are best. The answer is: both. But it's not really that simple, because as a rule you are either for or against Kokkari, just as it is with Pythagorion.



It's like liking Elvis or Tommy, either you like Kokkari, or you like Pythagorion. I belong to the category that prefers Pythagorion, but I also like Kokkari, but not in the same way. :-)

Anyhow, Kokkari (1,060 inhabitants) lies about 14 kilometres north of Samos' airport, which in turn is located just west of Pythagorion (1,270 inhabitants).


The famous photo scene of Kokkari in Samos.

The famous photo scene of Kokkari.


The photo motif in the picture above is very well known and is often used in tourist brochures and on travel sites. I understand why, it is truly a delightful painting that you can look at for a long time. If you look closely, you will see a blue streak in the water on the left. That is how incredibly blue the water often is along the beach in Kokkari.


Kokkari beach. Samos. Greece.

The beach in Kokkari seen from one direction.


The reason why the water is that blue is because it is often windy and the waves hit the beach and stir up the sand, whipping up white foam. It's pretty cool if you ask me. The beach consists of coarse pebbles and stretches along this entire part of Kokkari. Bathing shoes are recommended.

The beach in Kokkari on Samos in Greece.

The beach in Kokkari seen from the other direction.


Along the beach, and the road above, there are a variety of shops, cafes and tavernas. Here is often windy and that makes it a perfect place for windsurfers. They are incredibly talented and a real pleasure to study from a sunbed. If it is to windy, it is fairly close to other beaches, such as Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tsambou.


The port promenade in Kokkari on Samos.

The cosy coastal promenade in Kokkari in one direction.

Restaurants, taverns and bars in Kokkari in Samos.

The promenade in Kokkari in the other direction.


If we follow the beach to its end, we will come to the part of Kokkari where the famous picture I mentioned is photographed. If we continue up the stairs at the small beach, we see the very nice promenade in front of us. The coastal promenade is lined with restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars. The location can hardly be more perfect, and it is easy to stay seated for a long time.

I write on the page about Pythagorion that its harbour promenade is one of the most cosy I've visited. The promenade in Kokkari is almost as cosy, in my opinion.


Taverns in the alleys of Kokkari in Samos.

Tavernas in the alleys of Kokkari.


Should you get tired of the coastal promenade, you can stroll around in the alleys behind the promenade. Here, too, there are tavernas and cafes, as well as a number of shops. Finally I just want to say that Kokkari is a very pleasant tourist resort with great charm. If you think that Pythagorion feels too big, Kokkari will suit you perfectly.

A great plus with Kokkari is that it is close to Samos Town (Vathy), to the mountain village of Manolates, and to the beaches of Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tsabou.



As Kokkari is a popular package resort many rooms are taken up by the package industry, but there are also many nice family pensions for those who travel independently. If I were going to stay in Kokkari instead of in Pythagorion, I would probably have chosen to stay at Kamelia.

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