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Kos is one of the most accessible islands in Greece. Almost all major package-holiday operators from Europe arrange trips to Kos, the domestic aviation is well-developed and the boat connections are among the best you can imagine. So whether you travel organized or independently, it's never far to Kos.

As said, you can go on a package holiday from most counties in Europe. The plane come down on Kos, so you do not have to go by boat. Kos Town, Lambi, Psalidi, Kardamena, Tigaki, Marmari and Kefalos are popular package resorts.

Easiest is, of course, to buy a spare seat on a charter flight directly to Kos. You can also go by air to Rhodes or Samos, both islands have good boat connections with Kos. The airport is located outside the village of Antimachia about 24 kilometres from Kos Town, and about 8 kilometres from Mastichari. There is an airport shuttle to and from Kos Town and Mastichari.

Kos has daily air connections with Athens, and several departures a week to for example Rhodes and Crete.

The port in Mastichari.

The port in Mastichari.

The port in Kos Town with the mighty Knight Castle in the background.

The port in Kos Town with the mighty Knight Castle in the background.

Kos has very good boat connections with most islands in the Dodecanese. There are also boat connections with Piraeus, Samos, Santorini and Syros. Like many other islands in this part of the archipelago, the boat traffic is dominated by hydrofoils, catamarans and high-speed boats, they are twice as fast, and twice as expensive as ordinary ferries. Luckily there are also ordinary ferries operating Kos, including Blue Star Ferries.

There are three ports on Kos: Kos Town, Mastichari and Kardamena. From Mastichari there are boats to and from Kalymnos, and from Kardamena there are boats to and from Nisyros. You can also go to and from Kalymnos and Nisyros from Kos Town.

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