Gefyra beach on Kalymnos

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If you stay in Pothia, you will have to drive quite a long way to the nearest beach. The nearest beach lies at the outer breakwater in the port. The beach is not much to write home about, but good enough for a swim, as you see in the picture to the right.

A few kilometres south of Pothia lies a small cute pebbly beach with nice water and beautiful surroundings. The beach is called Gefyra and is visited mainly by Greeks. Snacks and refreshments are available from a canteen. Above the beach there is usually a bunch of goats that contribute to the sounds of goat bells tinkling.

If you continue the road after Gefyra, you will soon reach Therma where Kalymnos Diving Club can be found. Here was formerly hot springs to swim in. The beach is not much to write home about, then Gefyra beach is a lot better.

Beach of Pothia.

Gefyra beach. Kalymnos.

Gefyra beach.

Gefyra and Therma on Kalymnos.

The wonderful water at the Gefyra beach. close to the capital Pothia.

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