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Kini and Lotos beach in Syros

In my opinion, Kini is the nicest tourist resort on Syros. Kini is a good example of that tourism and Greek everyday life can walk hand in hand. The village is dominated by the beach and the seafront where inviting tavernas, bars and cafes are waiting for you. Despite that, Kini is not a lively village, here the low-key tourism prevails.


Kini village in Syros.

Cozy Kini.



The beach, the village and the port of Kini on Syros in Greece.

View of Kini.


Here is a delightful calmness, you wake up to morning type cocks and fall asleep to the sound of waves. In between, there's plenty of time to explore the surrounding area: swim, snorkel, eat three-hour lunches at the seafront and in the evening you enjoy a dinner with a fabulous sunset complemented by Greek music.


The sunset in Kini on Syros is amazingly beautiful.

The sunset in Kini.


In Kini, there are four five tavernas, a popular music bar and a few mini-markets. There are also car and scooter hire places and a pretty good number of pensions. Many of the tavernas are good. Taverna Allo Gialo stands out from the crowd with its innovative menu that includes one good dish after another. The location is not bad either, a small wall is the only thing that separates the taverna from the sea. When the seas are rough, it happens that the waves hit right into the taverna. It is fortunate that there is protective plastic.

Tavernas along the beach promenade in Kini. Syros.

Tavernas along the beach promenade in Kini.


The beach in Kini in Syros island.

The beach in Kini.


Kini beach. Syros.

The beach in Kini. If you should get tired of the beach in Kini is near to Delfini beach.

The beach do not belong to one of the best on Syros, but it is one of the most beautiful, and that is thanks to the attractive bay. Sometimes high waves slowly break when they get near the shore, forming rugs of long white-tailed swell. It is really cool. There are sun beds and umbrellas for hire. Otherwise you get free shadow from the tamarisk trees and some puny palm trees.


Taverns and restaurants on the beach in Kini on Syros in Greece.

Beachfront taverns in Kini.


Kini in Syros.



If you follow the beach to the left (nose towards the sea) after Voutsinou Apartments, you will soon arrive to the tamarisk-covered sandy beach of Lotos, a beach which I think is better than the one in Kini. The picture above also shows a jetty that is popular to dive from.


The Kini bath jetty in Syros.

The Kini bath jetty.


Buses to Ermoupolis run from the bus stop in Kini.

The bus stop in Kini is unlike any other I have seen in Greece.


Lotos beach in Kini.

Lotos beach in Kini.



There are many pensions in Kini. Most are family-owned. We always stay at Voutsinou when we are in Kini. The rooms are good, the family are friendly and the view of the beach and the bay is quite stunning. Two other good hotels is Blue Harmony Hotel and Kini Bay.

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