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Red beach in Santorini

Red Beach (Kokkini Ammos) is located one kilometre west of the excavations in Akrotiri. The beach is different from all the other beaches in Santorini, the sand is dark red instead of black or gray. The red colour comes from the cliffs backing the beach, the cliffs gently fills the beach with new reddish sand. The beach is more spectacular than good, but after a few hours in the heat under the roof in Akrotiri it is perfect with a swim here.


The lava rocks at Red beach in Santorini are brown red.

The lava rocks at the beach are brown red, hence the name.



Red beach is within walking distance from Akrotiri. If you come with your own transport, you can drive almost all the way. It takes about five minutes to walk to the beach from the parking lot. I can promise that you will take a lot of photos of the beach when you see it from a distance.


Red beach. Santorini.

Red beach.

The beach is like nothing else you have seen before. There is no taverna on the beach, but there is a kantina selling sandwiches and drinks at the parking lot. At the same spot there is also a very beautiful church which is almost as popular to photograph as Red beach.


Red beach. Thira. Santorini.

Red beach seen from a boat.


You can also go by beach boat to the beach, it start out just below the site of Akrotiri. The beach boat also goes to White Beach, a tiny beach with white sand beyond Red beach. It happens that stones fall down on the beach, so take care when you're here. The beach is sometimes shut down due to the risk of falling stones. They sit warning signs before the beach, but very few care about it.


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