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Aliko beaches in Naxos

Aliko lies about 7 kilometres south of Mikri Vigla. When you arrive at Aliko you will probably be a little disappointed at the beginning. For here stand the ruins of a hotel that was never built, the money probably ran out. It looks both funny and unpleasant. The ruins has stood here ever since I came to Naxos for the first time, and it was in the early 1980s.


The old hotel in Aliko. Naxos.

The ugly hotel. But what does it matter when the water is so lovely.



I can not understand why it is not demolished. Probably it is because no one knows who owns the ruins, and the municipality would probably not pay to tear down the misery. Too bad, because the surroundings are among the most beautiful you can imagine, and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous.


The nudist beach in Aliko. Naxos.

The nudist beach in Aliko.


When you arrive at the hotel, park your car or scooter. Then you just have to choose which beach to visit. If you follow the narrow paths to the right of the hotel, you will soon reach one of the best sandy beaches on Naxos. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and wonderful inviting water. Since it is a little tricky to get here, the beach is popular with nudists.

If you take left (depending on where you have parked) of the hotel instead, you will soon come to a small sandy beach with identical inviting water as the beach above, but without nudists.


The beach behind the ugly hotel in Aliko. Naxos.

The beach behind the ugly hotel in Aliko.


There is also a beach near the hotel, you can walk there from the parking lot, or continue by car or scooter around the corner. Also this beach is superb. In the same class as the beaches southwest of Naxos Town.

If you think that it's too many people on the beaches of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka, then you should go here. There are no sun beds or tavernas. Nearest taverna is in Pyrgaki, located after Aliko. There are also rooms for rent in Pyrgaki.


Aliko. Psili Ammos beach. Naxos.

The beach which is located opposite the old hotel in Aliko.




If you want to get away from everything and be close to some of the finest beaches of Naxos, this really is the place where you should stay. I have not stayed here, but I would not mind to do so. I can only imagine how quiet and peaceful the evenings must be. Not to mention the feeling of a morning swim at one of these wonderful beaches. What a perfect start of a day.

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