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Mikri Vigla beach in Naxos

Mikri Vigla lies about 16 kilometres south of Naxos Town, not far from the paradise beach of Plaka. After Plaka, the road continues through a fertile agricultural landscape with lots of bamboo. Before you arrive at Mikri Vigla you will pass several beaches, including Kiradhes and Orkos.


Mikri Vigla beach in Naxos.

Mikri Vigla beach.



Mikri Vigla is a playground for kite and wind surfers from almost all over the world. In fact, Mikri Vigla is one of Greece's most popular surfing beaches, along with Golden beach in Paros and Kohilari beach in Kos.


Mikri Vigla in Naxos is a kite and wind surfing paradise.

Mikri Vigla is a kite and wind surfing paradise.

To stand above the beach and study these incredibly talented surfers is a true pleasure. The beach is quite long and consists of dunes of fine sand, like at Plaka Beach, but on a smaller shape. Above the beach are several hotels and tavernas.


Mikri Vigla beach. Naxos.

Mikri Vigla beach.


A few kilometers south of Mikri Vigla is a peninsula called Cape Kouroupia. At one side of the peninsula is a fine sandy beach, some rocks and a taverna.


Kouroupia beach. Naxos.

Kouroupia beach south of Mikri Vigla.



To the right the beach continues along the coast, all the way down to Aliko beach. Along the way, the beach changes name several times. First, Kastraki beach and then is Glyfada beach.

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You need not be windsurfers and kite surfers to stay in Mikri Vigla, although many do it. I know some friends who always choose to stay here a few nights each time they are on Naxos. The major reason for that is that they are extremely fond of the beach and rocks after Mikri Vigla. If I should stay a few nights here I had surely chosen to stay at the Hotel Orkos Beach.

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