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Hiking in Ikaria

To really get to know Ikaria's soul, you must go on a hike. Armenistis is a perfect base for those who want to do it. The popular hiking trail "The Round of Raches On Foot" begins and ends at Livadia beach.


Hiking in Ikari island.

Many hiking trails are well marked.




The hike takes you around large parts of the area called Raches. On your hike you will pass several villages where you can eat lunch, you walk through pine forests, you come to small freshwater lakes inhabited by water snakes, you will hike through gorges so beautiful that you will be amazed and you will surely meet turtles and see birds of prey, including the rapid as lightning Eleanor Falcon. The hike is described in detail in a map with the same name as the hike. The map is available in well-assorted shops.


Lake near the village Pezi in Ikaria.

There is even a lake near the village Pezi. This area looks like Sweden!


The best hiking map of Ikaria is published by the Greek cartographic company Terrain maps. The scale is 1:35,000 and can be purchased on Ikaria. The map describes the eleven best hiking routes on the island.

I can also recommend the hiking book Samos, Patmos, Ikaria, Kalymnos & Six Neighbouring Islands by Dieter Graf. The book describes nine hikes on Ikaria in detail. The book could possibly be available for purchase on Ikaria, otherwise you will find it on the larger islands, or buy it on internet.


Hiking in Ikaria.

The nature is very special on Ikaria, and really invites you to hikes.


In this area there are several Anti-Pirate houses.


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