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Falassarna beach in western Crete

Falassarna (or Fallasarna, or Falasarna) is located west of Kissamos, which in turn is located west of Chania. To get here you drive the coastal road to the village of Platanos where you take off to the left. After a while you see the sea in front of you, and a myriad of greenhouses. The view is beautiful, despite all the greenhouses.


View of Falassarna beach in western Crete.

View of Falassarna.

Many people think that Elafonissi is Crete's best beach, but almost as many think that Falassarna is the island's best beach. Elafonissi came in the second place in our last poll of Greece's best beach, and Falassarna came in third place. (Plaka in Naxos came in the first palace.) Personally, I think that Elafonissi is a cut above Falassarna.

Just like Elafonissi, Falassarna consist of several beaches. The first is called Big beach and it is very long, but above all it is incredibly wide. Here is plenty of room for any number of people, even in peak season. If you walk to the end of the beach, you come to some smaller patches of sand separated by rocks.


Big beach in Fallasarna. Crete.

Big beach in Fallasarna.


There are several smaller beaches after Big beach, as well as Falassarna beach. To reach Falassarna beach you have to walk quite a distance, so it is easiest to drive there and park above. Falassarna beach is not as long as Big beach and therefore it feels more cosy. The turquoise water is completely irresistible no matter which one of the beaches you choose. The waves can be high when the wind blows from the west.

Falassarna is, just like Elafonissi, more of a beach than a village. There is no centre or so, the buildings are scattered around the area. But if you want to stay overnight you have several hotels to choose from, and there is no shortage of tavernas. There are also shops, but no ATM. The reward for those who stay overnight is to watch the sun go down in the sea. You don't do that very often.

One of the beaches in Falassarna. Crete.

One of the beaches in Falassarna.


The ancient city of Falassarna lies a few kilometres beyond Falassarna beach, within walking distance. Just before reaching the city itself, or the remains of the city, there is a kind of throne on the left side. It has puzzled archaeologists for a century, and yet no one knows what its function was.


The ancient city of Falassarna in western Crete.

The ancient city of Falassarna.


The heyday of the ancient city was between 400 BC and 67 BC. It is believed that it was the Romans who captured the city and destroyed parts of it. Earthquakes and elevations have also destroyed the site. Today there is not much left to see, it is mostly ruins. Outside the excavation area, you can study sketches of how the experts think that the city looked like. If the sketch is correct, it looks to have been a fantastic city.


The easiest way is to go with your own vehicle to Falassarna, then you do not have to adapt yourself to the times of the bus. If you cannot drive, you can take a bus that departs from the bus station in Chania. The bus stops in several of the tourist resorts west of Chania, such as Agia Marina and Platanias. The road to Falassarna is not as long and winding as the road to Elafonissi.


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Restaurants and tavernas in Falassarna. Crete.

One of the tavernas in Falassarna.



Almost everyone who travels to Falassarna comes here on a day trip. But there is plenty of accommodation options for those who want to stay overnight. We haven't stayed here, but we'll do that the next time we're in Crete.

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