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Sights in Antiparos

Antiparos do not have any historical monuments such as ancient temples or archaeological excavations. It is the same thing on Paros, but there are more attractions on Paros than on Antiparos. However, Antiparos has two sights that Paros do not have, specifically the wonderful Kastro and the fascinating dripstone cave.

The dripstone cave was considered as one of Europe's most fascinating caves for just some hundred years ago. But more interesting caves have been discovered in our times so the cave on Antiparos had to step aside. But it is still the Cyclades', and one of the Greek island's, most worth seeing cave.


Entrance to the cave in Antiparos.

Entrance to the cave.



It is a wicked shame that many of the cave's stalagmites and stalactites have been broken and taken away, some of those who remain have not been left alone, many stalactites are full of graffiti. For example there are graffiti of Greek King Otto and of the poet and Greece lover Lord Byron. But the cave is still worth visiting despite all the damage, there are still many impressive stalactites to see.


Stalactites in the cave of Antiparos.

Graffiti on the stalactites.

Already at the entrance you get impressed by an imposing stalactite, but that is nothing compared to the ones inside the cave. First you have to go down the stairs and it can be a little scary and it is dark in some places. But after a while you will get used to it and enjoy all the fascinating stalactites. The most spectacular parts are illuminated by colourful spotlights to intensify the effect. Once you reach the bottom of the cave you have 360 steps up to the "surface" again.


Drip stone cave in Antiparos.

You get very impressed when you visit the drip stone cave.


The bus to the cave starts out from the port of Chora, the bus stops below the cave, from there it is a hundred metres uphill to the entrance. Tickets are purchased at the entrance.


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