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Megali Amos beach in Alonissos

Megali Amos is one of Alonissos' most inaccessible beaches. This is a beach entirely to my taste, one of the island's best if you ask me. Megali Amos is really no better or worse than any other beach on Alonissos - small pebbles, crystal clear water and great snorkelling opportunities - however, the beach lies stunningly beautiful below a valley full of olive and pine trees. The trees grow all the way down to the water. Nearby are a couple of three holiday homes. Otherwise, it is empty. No taverna of course, so you have to bring your own food and drinks.


Megali Amos beach seen from the church of Agia Anarghiri in Alonissos.

Megali Amos seen from Agia Anarghiri. The beach is visible to the right.



Megali Amos lies about 7 kilometres from Patitiri, on the island's west coast. It is not easy to get here. My directions is consistent with my memory, but I know people that have followed it but still got lost.


Megali Amos beach. Alonissos.

Megali Amos suits those who want to be for themselves.

Drive towards Votsi, continue past the Academi of Homeopathy (you read correctly, there's a school of homeopathy on Alonissos, the school received the Right Livelihood Award in 1996), just after the school turn left, at the junction you first turn right and then left. At the next junction you turn right, and at the next junction turn left.

From here you "only" follow the road until you see the water. Park and find a suitable path and follow it down to the beach. Do it sound jumbly? For safety's sake you should check the map closely before you set off. :-)


Megali Amos beach. Alonissos.

Megali Amos.


If you get here, you can take the opportunity to visit the church of Agia Anarghiri located nearby.


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