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If you drive south from Ermoupolis you will first pass by an old industrial area with ruined factory buildings, then a village called Manna (where the airport is) and after approximately five kilometres you will arrive at the pleasant tourist resort of Azolimnos.

The beach belongs to one of the most child-friendly on Syros: the sand is fine-grained, it is extremely shallow and the water is crystal clear. At one end of the beach there is a stone pier if you want to jump into the water instead of going. Above the beach are several tavernas, hotels and pensions.

Thanks to the nearness to Ermoupolis, Azolimnos is a popular tourist destination, and there are surprisingly many hotels and studios to choose from. On there is at the time of writing 20 different places. I have never stayed here, but if I had been travelling with children, I would probably do so. Below is a link to some of the hotels in Azolimnos.

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Azolimnos. Syros,

Tavernas in Azolimnos.

Azolimnos beach.

Azolimnos beach.

Stranden i Azolimnos.

Azolimnos is near the airport and Ermoupolis.

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