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Vromolithos is a small timid tourist resort with a long, narrow beach not far from Spilia and Panteli. Vromolithos would have been more developed if the beach would have been better. There is nothing wrong with the beach itself, the dilemma is that the shoreline is full of slippery underwater rocks that make it difficult to get into the water.

Sure enough, the water is wonderful and the beach has a nice location. That there are underwater rocks are really no major problem, because there are underwater footbridges made from cement bags to walk on.

Above the beach lies Taverna Paradiso where you can linger away a lot of time while you enjoy the meditative view. Behind the beach in one of the backstreets lies Taverna Pigadi, which many consider to be the best restaurant on Leros. Some people even consider that it is the best restaurant in the whole island world.

Unfortunately, I have not eaten in Taverna Pigadi, so I can not give my opinion on the food. On our last visit on Leros, our plan was to have dinner here, but then they had temporarily shut down for a few days. We will make a new try the next time we travel to Leros. Someone told me Taverna Pigadi has closed, I hope it is only temporary. Unfortunately, I have recently heard that To Pigadi has closed down.

View of Vromolithos from Spilia.

View of Vromolithos from Spilia.

The beach and Taverna Paradiso in Vromolithos..

The beach and Taverna Paradiso in Vromolithos.

Vromolithos beach. Leros.

Beautiful Vromolithos beach. I have not stayed overnight in Vromolithos, but I know some of the readers of Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera) who have stayed at Tony's Beach, and they liked it so very much. Book Tony's Beach »

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