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Spilia lies between Panteli and Vromolithos. The nicest way to approach the village is to go on foot along a footpath that starts at the Castelo Beach Hotel in Panteli. The hotel is located were the beach starts and can not be missed. (Hotel Castelo Beach also offers a cafe and a taverna with a nice view.) From the path up to Spilia, it is wonderful views out over the sea. The path ends where Leros best taverna is located. The taverna is named Dimitris "O Karaflas" and is a must when are on Leros. You do not go here just for the fantastic food, the superb views and the nice staff. The highly sympathetic owner - who is also the chef - Dimitris, also conduce to create Leros' best restaurant. The menu is not big, but everything on it is super good, and it is good prices as well.

"O Karaflas" means the bald Greek. As you understand, the owner Dimitris is quite thin-haired. One of the menu's specialties is bald meatballs, or as it says on the menu: "Karafla balls in tomato and ouzo sauce". He has humor, Dimitris. :-)

Apart from Dimitris' restaurant there is not much to see or do in Spilia, which consists mostly of dwelling-houses. Certainly, Villa Kolkis - the house of the writer Göran Schildt - lies in the village, but it is not open to the public. You can read about Göran Schildt on the first page of Leros.

Dimitris at Dimitris O Karaflas.

Dimitris at Dimitris O Karaflas.

Dimitris O Karaflas in Spilia.

Ouzeria Dimitris O Karaflas in Spilia.

Panteli, Spilia and Vromolithos..

Three villages in the same picture: Panteli, Spilia and Vromolithos.

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