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Pori beach in Koufonissi

Many people consider Pori Beach to be the best beach on Koufonissi. Some think that Pori is the best beach in Greece, be that as it may, in any case it is nice.


Pori bay and beach onKoufonissi.

Pori bay.



At the last readers voting at Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera), Pori came in fourth place out of 200 possible beaches. The voting says more about Kalimera's readers than about the true reality. The beach lies along a half moon shaped lagoon filled with azure blue crystal clear water whose bottom is almost perfect.

From a distance one can compare Pori to an enormous swimming pool, a pool that is just waiting to be bathed in. And there are many who do so, with clothes and without clothes.


Pori beach in Koufonissi.

Pori beach.


During high season there isn't room to swing a cat here, some people build up their own area with stones and reeds, others bring their tents, some wild camping also occur. But do not fear, Pori is a must when you are on Koufonissi. Especially when there is no wind and the lagoon is as smooth as a mirror. What you may miss at Pori is shade. Fortunately there is one taverna and one snack bar where you can escape the sun for a while.

If you walk along Pori beach until it ends, and continue along the coastline until you round the corner you will soon see a small opening in the rock that you can swim through (if there is no wind). You will come out on a small pebble beach on the other side of the rock, the beach is like behind the sea, like in a cave. To swim inside might not sound so tempting, instead you can continue walking a bit further round the corner, after a few minutes you will reach the cave beach, or Gala Beach as it is called.


Gala beach and cave in Pori. Koufonissi.

The beach Gala in the cave near Pori.


It is strange to stand there and watch the waves beat against the shore and the only thing you see is a rock. Pack your backpack with wine and cheese and set aside one day to this strange place. Previously it was possible to continue a little bit further along the sea, but the waves and erosion has unfortunately destroyed parts of the coast.


Pori beach in Koufonissi.

Pori beach a hazy day in June.


Besides the coastal path to Pori (about 4 km from Chora), you can walk via a concrete road starting approximately at the Hotel Koufonissi in Chora, the road is one (1) kilometre shorter. Do you not want to walk at all, go by beach boat from Chora, or go by bus that starts from the port.


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