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The selection of rooms are for obvious reasons very small, but perfectly enough for the few tourists who travels to Agathonissi. I have heard that there are nearly 60 beds on the island, but I think that the number is a little exaggerated. There are almost always vacant rooms, except in high season when everything is fully booked. Letter of rooms meets up all the ferries in the port. You can also look for a room by yourself (it only takes a few minutes to see all pensions) or book ahead. All pensions lies in Agios Gergios.

I always pre-book on Agathonissi, if everything would be fully booked, it may take some days before the next ferry arrive, and it's a bit disconcerted, if you say so.

We usually stay at Pension Glaros - or Seagull - which in my opinion is the best pension on Agathonissi. The pension has five spacious studios with refrigerator and AC. Others prefer Pension Maria who have simpler standard than Pension Glaros, but it is still a very good accommodation. The location is perfect, it lies almost on the beach.

There is also two new pensions, Studios Ageri and Island Studios, above the port. They looks very nice in the pictures, and the view is really something.

Pension Glaros
Telephone: +30 22470-29062 or +30 6978916926
Mobile: +30 6977215879

Pension Maria
Telephone: +30 22470-29003

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View from Pension Glaros.

View from Pension Glaros.

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