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Getting around in Tinos

The best way to explore Tinos is undoubtedly with a private vehicle, car or scooter. You can assuredly get around parts of the island by bus, but you miss out on so much when you are dependent on a timetable. Most of the roads are of good quality, as long as you stick to the paved roads. Traffic is almost non-existent as soon as you have left the surroundings of Tinos town.


The road to Mali in Tinos.

The road to Mali.



I usually do not come with warnings, but sometimes it is necessary. Avoid driving to the marble quarries located after the village of Mamados in the north-western part of the island. After the marble quarries lies a beach called Mali where it is said that the sand is greenish. Once I and Camilla tried to find out if it is true. A few hundr

ed meters after the marble quarries we realized that it was dangerous to continue, and we could barley turn the car around and drive back.

Villages on TInos.

Travelling around all the beautiful villages on your own is a delight for all senses.



I think the best choice is to rent a scooter - if you have plenty of time. There is much to see and do, and I think this is best done from a scooter saddle. Not to mention all the wonderful scent of thyme and oregano that you miss when driving a car.

Car and scooter rental shops can be found at and close to the waterfront in Tinos Town. There are many rental shops so it can pay to ask around for the best price. If you are planning to rent during a weekend, it's best to pre-book a few days before because many Greeks come to the island during the weekends.


The bus station in Tinos Town.

The bus station in Tinos town.



You can go around almost the entire island by bus. The bus stop in Tinos town lies on the road to Kionia, just above the large ferry port. Updated timetables are at the bus stop.


There are a lot of taxis in Tinos Town. If you do not find any just call 22830-22470.


Tinos is an excellent hiking island. And that is one of the reasons why we like Tinos so much. So if you like to hike you will love Tinos.

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