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Mikro Chorio in Tilos

A few kilometres north of Livadia lies the abandoned and fascinating village of Mikro Chorio. As far as in the 1950s, Mikro Chorio was like any Greek village: one went to the church on Sundays, old men sat in cafes and children played in the alleys. But the water in the wells dried up and the inhabitants abandoned their houses and moved to Megalo Chorio or Livadia.

Before the Second World War, there lived 1,750 people in Mikro Chorio. There were about 250 children, and three schools. In 1962 there lived 32 people here, in 1965 here were only 1 poor inhabitant left.


The abandoned village of Mikro Chorio in Tilos.

Mikro Chorio.


Today, the goats have taken over the village. They are everywhere. The more than 200 houses that remain are in pretty good repair, only a few are totally devastated. Almost all houses have no roof. The villagers brought their roofs (wood was scarce even then) when they moved and used them when they built their new houses.


Bird watching. Mikro Chorio. Tilos.

Mikro Chorio is a good site for bird watching.

The church has been renovated to its original repair and some buildings have been renovated in recent years. Who knows, in the future Mikro Chorio maybe inhabited again.

It is fascinating to wander around in the deserted village and fantasize about how life once took form. How did it look here? Did people sit at that old taverna? Was it a queue outside the church? Did children play in the alleys on the hill? It's really a strange feeling to walk around in a deserted village.


The church in Mikro Chorio and Mikro Chorio Music Bar in Tilos island.

The church in Mikro Chorio and Mikro Chorio Music Bar.


However, for a short period during high season, the village revive thanks to Mikro Chorio Music Bar. Since a few years ago, two guys from the island runs this popular music-bar in one of the old houses, on the terrace you can drink cocktails and gaze out over the deserted village, the night black landscape and the starry sky.

Free shuttle bus to and from Mikro Chorio start out outside Eleni Minimarket at the police station in Livadia. Buses start running around 11 p.m. and runs until early morning.


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